Car Washes

A wash for whatever your needs may be. Takes at least 5 minutes!

Whether you just need a simple wash or something a little more, we can help.  We can throw on a polish or some underbody spray.  Don’t forget to get your wheels taken care of with a nice tire shine.  We can also vacuum up all those nasty spills, getting right in all the nooks and crannies.

Our Peekskill location has two bays, one for hand wash and the other for an express machine wash.

Check our price chart for more information.


Car Wash Beacon Peekskill
(hand & express wash)
Deluxe Hand Wash $20 $25 $20
Works Hand Wash $18 $23 $18
Full Service Hand Wash $14 $18 $14
Exterior Hand Wash $8 $12 $9
Supreme Express Wash $18
Best Express Wash $16
Super Express Wash $13
Exterior Express Wash $8

Tire Dressing $3
Any Other Miscellaneous Service $3

We also sell 5 wash cards at a discounted rate.  Each card includes a FREE wash!

Check out what you get with each wash:

Ingredients Deluxe Wash Works Wash Full Service Wash Exterior Wash
Towel Dry x x x x
Vacuum x x x
Windows Cleaned (in/out) x x x
Triple Polish x x
Clearcoat Wax x x
Underbody Spray x x
Tire Dressing x x
Wheel Brite x
Dashboard Dusted x x x
Doorjams Wiped x x x
Rubber Mats Washed x
Tire Dressing x x

Detailing Services

When it comes to cleaning your car, we cross all the Ts and dot the lower case Js.

Did your child spill their drink all over the seat and carpet? Got dog hair in your trunk? Did your door get some scuffs in the parking lot?  Did all of that happen to you?!  If you answered yes to any of those, our express or full details can help.


Detail Price
Express Polish $49.50
Super Interior $44.50
Carpet Shampoo $44.50
Upholstery Shampoo $25.50
Exterior Detail $150
Interior Detail $80
Mats Shampooed $5
Leather Seats $20
Seats & Dash Armor All $5
Full Detail includes: Exterior & Interior Detail $150

Oversized Vehicles – $20 extra